Newby! Help!

I just set up Cubase AI LE Elements 8 and have 2 issues right now:

  1. The program doesn’t “hear” or pick up my mic in input 2 (XLR cable), although it does pick up my guitar (1/4 inch cable) in input 1. I am using the Steinburg UR 242 interface, and the inputs are supposed to accept either kind of cable. So what am I doing wrong that the guitar is connected but not the mic?

  2. I used a prefigured setting to record (guitar + vocals). The guitar is reading when I record but sounds like CRAP. Very echoey and distant sound. I’m brand new to recording. Where do I begin to adjust this?

Two possible causes:
1.You have a capacitor mic, and not switched on phantom power
2.Your VST connections / Track inputs are not set up correctly

Thank you! I got it connected but both the mic and guitar have a horrible echo and the connection is in and out. ugh.