Newcomer to Cubase, some question about Midi Editor

Enjoying this DAW.
I’m a FL Studio user.
So far it’s a big improvement for making orchestral music, but I have some issues with the midi editor.

One thing I’m missing is FL Studio’s “ghost notes”.

Where I can see every track (without having to open more midi clips) in the editor. And also have them greyed out, without the possibility to move notes from other midi clips by accident.

Might look like a mess, but can be very useful.

Also another thing.
Is there a way to set every 5th bar to have a thicker grid line?
I’m very lost without ghost notes and those thicker grid lines.
Feels like the structure is missing in the editor.
I h ave to sit and count bars.



In Cubase is the Key Editor (and all other editors) based on the MIDI Part, not on the MIDI Track. So if you want to see the MIDI data from the other track, select the MIDI Part of the other track(s).
You can enable/disable the Edit All Parts/Edit Active Part option.

No, there is not this kind of option. You can orient yourself by the Ruler.

Thanks. Would be nice with a mode where all midi parts was selected by default, where you could only edit your “active” part and the other parts where much less visible.

Hmm, that’s a shame about the grid lines.
Would be cool if they could add.

Guess my thread is now a feature request : )


Then add the feature-request tag, please.

Allright, done

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Just making sure.
I was asking about thicker grid lines on 5th bar (or whatever time signature you are in)
Preferably would actually be a change in the background color/brightness etc. (like in the FL screenshot)
If not, how about a emphasis in the ruler on the 5th bar and so on?
Can’t find an option for that either, and I’m guessing you would have mentioned it.
But would like to make sure.

Not at my machine… but, this might work using a separate, dedicated Marker Track to achieve something close…?

Have a look in the Manual how to set them up. You could create a bunch every 4-bar lengths apart (don’t name them) across your timeline. The Marker Lines will extend vertically down over the whole Arrange page… might ‘thicken’ grid lines enough for you, with the right colour selected for them…?

Once done, you could save the whole thing as a Template, then launch from this each time so you’re ready-set…

PS:- there’s no option to set anything like this separately in the ruler display itself - that’s a Feature Request… :wink:

Thx. That could be a solution.
Ofc, you would have to do a template for each time signature, but doable.

Yeah but, they’re pretty quick to set up once you get the hang of it… :wink: You might find it easier to just edit on the fly, according to your time sig of choice…

Good luck.!

Trying it out now, how do I make them show up in the editor :slight_smile: ?

Oh, sorry - yes, I think you can display them in the Key Editor (see manual - there’s a button to show global tracks inside there), but don’t think you can set Markers up from within there…

EDIT - just d/loaded the manual, see page 995. There’s an option in the Inspector in the Key Editor where you can choose which global tracks to display - BUT, these are not available from the Key Editor when in the Lower Zone. It needs to be opened in a separate window.

Thanks buddy. That will work. Now I just need to adjust the colors :smiley:

Nice… I think if you select the Marker track itself and change its colour, all Markers will adjust accordingly…? Not sure if you can set individual colours (for each Marker).? Could be wrong about that… :wink:


Yes, when changing the Marker track color, all marker’s colors will follow.


Now, I understand your request better.

You can also use the Arranger track and make an arranger events every 2 bars. Then in the Key Editor show the Arranger Track and you will see the collared lines based on the Arranger event, on the top.

Of course, you can set the color of every single Arranger Event as you wish.

Yes, good idea. Though, sorry , I don’t see the colours of lines showing in your example… are they very clear for you.? Maybe just a question of colour choice…

Thank you :slight_smile:
(and sorry, had to wait 3 hours to post again as a new member)
This works really well. And looks better.
And it’s okay there’s no grid.
The line when you draw with pencil tool is enough to line it up with the arrange bar on top.
Thank you both for the help : )