Newer Waves Plugin GUIs produce high CPU load


Does anyone experience the same issue or has?
When opening the GUI for Waves e.g. J37, Smack Attack and the Waves synths Element and Codex the cpu usage (seen in Windows Task-Manager)
increases by approx. 30 % per GUI (other Waves plugins or other companies no problem).
It’s in Cubase Pro 9.5 and Pro 9

I have
new GPU: MSI Geforce GT 710 (latest drivers)
old one (same issue): Geforce 8600 GT
Win 10 64 BIt (latest updates)
MB: Asus Z97-A (latest bios)
Core i7-4790
Soniccore Xite-1 Soundcard

I tried to remove the GPU and run the system with the onboard GPU
CPU stayed down but there were audio crackles. So I can’t use that.


Is the CPU usage peak happening with plugins as you use the channel insert method? Have you tried using audio plugins on a selected track via the Direct Offline Process? You might find that you can get your plugin processing work done this way. Cubase 9.5 has changed my whole mixing process by virtue of the DOP feature. My point is that the DOP function doesn’t use near as much CPU as installing a plugin on the channel insert would. Try it, you’ll see what I mean. You can stack 4 different J37s on a track/event and your CPU won’t break a sweat.

Hi Harry,

it looks I am having the very same trouble ( I am using Cubase Artist 8.5). I use J37 as insert effect and I can open it once without any problems. When I open it a second time, the plugin window appears, but just the frame (so it is White) and Cubases freezes. When I check the Task Manager, Cubase shows a CPU usage of > 50% and is marked as “inactive”. I have installed other Waves plugins, which run without any trouble.

Cheers Thomas