Newest release version information on this forum

Where can I find the information about the latest Release number on this forum? I will always find posts with the information by searching around, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one place on the forum where you can find it at a glance?

Posts about updates and releases are generally posted by Daniel and pinned to the top of the Dorico “area”, like this one:

I have seen those. However they just appear temporarily and disappear after a while. I’ m looking for a place where I can find the latest release number at any point in time…

not on this forum but only a click away. I check this periodically since I use all 4 programs, it’s always current:

Help>Check for updates???

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@jazztom To prevent pinned messages in this forum from disappearing go to your User Profile > Preferences > Interface and deselect “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom”.

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on the forum???

No. In Dorico!

The Steinberg Download Assistant will show you the latest release:

Or you can go to the Steinberg website > Support > Downloads:


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Thanks guys I know all of that. My question was, if it is possible to look it up on the forum at a glance. I’m asking this because regarding infomation I’m a friend of one stop shopping and I thought the forum would be a natural candidate for this. Not that my life depends on it…

If you set your user profile on the top right in this forum as stated above, the pinned messages should stay pinned.

If you rely on one-stop shopping then you will miss out on many exciting opportunities from a wide variety of sources…

I was hoping this would work, but it didn’t.

I changed the setting and then returned to the Dorico forum main page. The top post is still the announcement of version 3.5.10. Version 4 announcements disappeared after I read them on the day they were posted.

I switched from Safari to Brave browser. No difference.

(Latest versions on iPad OS 15.4)

yes, thats what I mean. It seems to function for Wavelab and Cubase, at least I can find the anouncements for the latest Wavelab and Cubase releases pinned to to Top of the threads. But I can’t see anything about the latest Dorico release pinned to the top of the Dorico Thread.

When I changed the setting here, the announcements that had already been read were also gone, with the exception of the Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+, which apparently has an extra sticky attribute. But since I changed the setting the new announcements stay pinned on the top, which is Dorico 4.0.30 in my case.