Newly created project immediately throws exception during debugging

I created a brand new project using the project creator and opened it in Visual Studio 2022. It builds completely fine, but it doesn’t create a symlink even though the build output states that it does and when running it, the VST3PluginTestHost throws an exception at the CPluginFactory::getFactoryInfo method.

All the data stored in the info ptr is garbage. The memory being copied appears to be getting corrupted but I have no idea why since this is a completely untouched and brand new project.

I’ve tried changing where the project is created on disk to no avail. The path has no spaces or special characters in the name and everything was working okay yesterday until I started getting this error in the middle of another plugin project I was working on.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, all development is on hold until I can resolve this issue because it’s system and project-wide.

Possibly relevant:
OS: Windows 11
Arch: x64
Compiler: MSVC 17
SDK Version: 3.7.11