news about full screen on Mac?

Any Mac user with Cubase 11 here? Is full screen mode aivable now?

Nope, afraid not.

Thanks, bad news!!!


No, it’s not.

Oh man we NEED this already.

I agree on this as well. Logic and Ableton both do this no problem so not sure what the issue is. I did find a bit of a work around that has helped me. Not perfect, but much better imo. I never knew about this so maybe you all know about this already. If you go to your system preferences and go to the “general” tab, check the box that says “automatically hide and show the menu bar”. Makes a huge difference

my workaround is to press the COMMAND+ALT+D for achieve what you are describing. Anyway is not normal that a professional software don’t offer a default feature usual on any other software.
Hope that at Steinberg can give this for next update without making a key feature to pay for