News about the Cubase Midi Remote API?

Hey there, if this has been answered some place also, please let me know.

Since I am doing work with a new modular control surface system I was wondering if there is any news about the Midi Remote API. Last news I heard was that it was planned for release but then postponed.
We would like to get started with development as soon as possible.

Have a great day

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wouldn’t this be better posted in the Developer forum?

I think they are referring to the Midi Remote Control feature?

yeah - you may be right - I may have over-interpreted the term API :nerd_face:

Arrested Perfectly Intoxicated, right? I’m pretty sure


Yes, sorry for not being more specific.
Since Midi HUI or MCU are limited I was very excited to hear about a Cubase Remote API…

I am digging through the developer Forum but in the Developer Forum there are three Topics available:

None of them would be fitting for my question :wink:

Sounds about right :smiley: