News and Projects Window Problem

Hello All,

This is a crazy one and I hope it makes sense. I have my MacBook Pro connected to my hub that have two large monitors connected to it so I have the two larger monitors plus the laptop monitor. No this is the crazy part. If I open Cubase on one of the larger monitors and I will get the News\Projects screen. This works correctly for all 3 screens, but If I open Cubase on one of the larger monitors and then exit Cubase and unhook my laptop to just use the laptop monitor I can not get the New\Projects screen to show up to pick a current project no use my temples because the New\Projects screen is for lack of a good way to explain it is still off the screen as if it were trying to open that screen on the last display it was open and closed on. The only way to get the News\Projects screen back on the laptop monitor again is to hook up the laptop to the two larger monitors and then open Cubase then move the New\Project screen over to the laptop screen. That is bananas but this is happening for me. I could not move the News\Project screen to the laptop display until I reconnected the to larger monitors. Is this a problem for anyone else? If I don’t remember to move that News\Projects to my laptop before disconnecting from my larger monitors I can’t use the News\Project screen.

Any one else seen this happen?



Are you sure there is not even very small part of the Steinbeg hub visible somewhere on the screen? Somewhere on the border, in any corner?

Can you see the Hub in the Expose view (Fn+F3)?

Hi Martin,

Yes there is not even a small part of the hub visible. Yes if I do the (Fn+F3) then yes I can see the hub, but you can’t select it at all to move it into the view of the laptop screen. The only thing you can do f you want to see the hub on the laptop video when it is no connect to the other larger monitors is to reconnect the laptop the the other monitor and then open Cubase and make sure at that point you open and close the hub on you laptop monitor. If you do that you will have no problems when you are disconnected from the other monitors. It is super weird. I work in IT and I could not figure out any other way to fix the issue.



What happens if you click the Hub in the Expose view? You can even move it to another screen/position. Can’t you?

For what it is worth, I have the same problem. I have a large monitor connected to my Mac laptop, and I usually work on the large monitor. Now I am traveling and trying to open Cubase 13 - and surprise, I can’t get the hub window to come back to the laptop screen. It does show up when I hit F3, but I can’t find a way to get it back to my laptop screen. In the F3-view the window seems inert, and every click just makes it disappear again. Restarting my Mac did not help.

Any help would be really welcome - I won’t have access to my normal monitor for weeks, and I am pretty much stuck.

To add one bit of detail - if I open an existing project from Recent Files, it opens, and the windows show up with a tiny bit of overlap on the edge of the screen so I can pull them back onto the laptop screen. The issue seems to be confined to the Hub and the ability to create new projects - which is exactly what I need right now.

Please is there any workaround to get the hub back onto the laptop screen?

Ok, found a workaround. I looked at the Cubase preferences file in
/Library/Preferences/Cubase 13/Defaults.xml
and searched for the term “Hub”. I found this section:

         <string name="Group" value="SmtgHubWindow"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <obj class="UPoint" name="Location" ID="105553177088032">
               <int name="H" value="1512"/>
               <int name="V" value="172"/>

That looked like it might describe the location of the hub window, and so I deleted the entire section, and restarted Cubase 13. Result: The hub window pops up as desired. Yay.

If you want to try this, I recommend making a copy of the Defaults file before modifying the original, in case something goes wrong.

This still seems like a bug that ought to be fixed - if the Hub rectangle as determined by the preferences is outside all available screen rectangles, Cubase should reposition the window so that I can be dragged in place again, just as it apparently does with project windows when reopening projects…


This helped me - thank you!


I have just tested the disconnected screen scenario. It works as expected here on my side. If I disconnect a screen, where the Hub was placed, the Hub jumps to the other connected screen or the built-in screen, regardless of the amount of the Hub on the other screen (the whole Hub was originally on the other screen, or just half of it, or just a small part of it).

I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce the issue.

I have the same exact problem, thank you for this Idea. This fixed it for me. But a fix for this is really needed. Took my Macbook with me and could not create a new project away from my desk with other monitors.

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New Cubase user but long-time Dorico user, with the same display problem (2023 MacBook Pro M3 16"). The hub is completely invisible, off the laptop screen. I can use Recent Projects… to open an old project, but then the Project window is also off-screen. A tiny portion of it is on the right side of my laptop screen, but I have to drag and then shrink it so it fits on the laptop screen.

Christian’s xml hack works for me, thanks! But it would be nice if these windows could automatically be in the right size and position, disconnecting an external display.

I found another workaround today that does not require xml hacking. At least it worked for me in this instance, where I have replaced my serving monitor with a different one, and additionally have it placed in a different relative position to the laptop.

When starting Cubase, the hub window was invisible, but I could make it pop up from the icon context menu with Show all Windows. That didn’t help because I can’t interact with that pop up.

After searching about Mission Control, I read that there is a control-arrow up shortcut to show all windows from all apps. This does bring up the Cube Hub as well. But unlike the Show All Windows command, after the shortcut I was able to drag the Cubase hub window into my other screen. At least that worked for me once, maybe it will for you too

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