NewUser: Elements 9

I used the older trial versions some time back and today decided to purchase Wavelab Elements 9. I’m an Audacity user but decided to switch to Wavelab.

I do basic Editing for a Mosque/Church. When I try importing the MP3 recording I get an error “The file has become too large: it is not possible to write files larger than 2 Gigabytes”.

The MP3 is around 50mb, 64bit file, around 1:50min. How can I import so I can edit and then save as MP3 again?

Could you send me this file in PM?

The problem is that the decoded file is (a bit) bigger than 2 GB, the maximum allowed in WaveLab Elements.
WaveLab Pro has not this limitation. I will see if it can be removed from WaveLab Elements.

How about 16 bit decode for Elements? That’s what it was before WL9 anyway, and that’s what Sonnox uses for their less expensive product. Then maybe 16 bit could be optioned in Pro for those who don’t want large temp files (?). Or maybe that last part’s a bad idea, although somebody earlier on was used to getting a 16 bit decode, so was surprised by the 32 bit float.

Thanks, please do… I was not aware of this limitation.

I only do basic editing, cut/copy/paste/delete/increase gain etc and from the short time I used Wavelab Elements I really like it compared to Audacity. I’ll really appreciate it if the limitation can be removed.

I will arrange something for WaveLab 9.0.30 (not 9.0.25)

Actually I might be wrong about Sonnox. It might use 32 bit float decode for Clip Safe (if it doesn’t, it should). I’m not sure. The 16 bit limitation might only be for 16 bit source in creating lossy.