Next big update

Hi, folks.

I’m curious: Is it better to download and start the evaluation version of Dorico now or should I wait until the next big update that includes unpitched percussion is out?
Percussion is quite important for me, and it would be a bummer if my evaluation period would end just days before the update comes out.

Do you have any (rough) plans on when the next update will arrive?
(Will there be some way to reset the evaluation period when the update comes out?)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you have the time to actually devote to it, download now. There is a learning curve to Dorico which, especially in the absence of a manual, will take you a while to climb. After all, what if the percussion implementation is stellar but something already implemented confuses you?

There may be a renewal of the demo offer when the new version comes out. (That, Dorico may be willing to confirm in advance.)

The Dorico does not announce release dates (except that they would occur on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) until just before the release. They do this to help them with quality control and–as much as everyone wishes they knew when the next update would arrive–it seems a good reason. I (personally) expect the next version will arrive before the start of the new year, probably quite a bit before; but no one ever knows. :slight_smile:

Bear in mind this announcement may have some effect on any planned internal/external release dates (all Steinberg product):-

Their full QA cycle (including regression testing) has in the past been around 4 weeks to complete - build date, seen in the ‘About’ splash-screen, to actual release date.

Is there any consensus yet over compatibility, Dorico 10.1.10 and macOS High Sierra (10.13)?

Happy to wait, but it would be good to know what to expect.

If percussion is important to you, then you can’t evaluate percussion in Dorico until it’s released. You won’t get it any earlier in a trial version.

So it seems to me the answer is obvious - start the evaluation when you have something you can evaluate properly. If there are any serious early bugs that slipped past the testing, there’s a chance they will be fixed in an update within the first few weeks anyway.

The “learning curve” for Dorico users is extremely person-dependent. I’ve seen examples of people who just “get it” and are doing real work within a couple of days. Others (especially people who have been using only one other notation program for decades, whatever that program is) don’t “get it” at all even after several months trying, apparently mainly because “it’s different”. There’s no way we can guess what your experience will be!

We have done some preliminary testing on some of the High Sierra developer betas, and we haven’t found anything worrying so far, but I would still counsel caution when approaching an update, particularly given that High Sierra introduces an entirely new filesystem, and that could be a recipe for some interesting and subtle backwards compatibility issues.

I’ve been using Dorico with High Sierra Beta for two months already and haven’t found any problem at all. I guess it’ll be a safe upgrade regarding compatibility… at least, that’s my hope. Hahaha.

Thanks. I’ll probably wait a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the answers!

Daniel, could you please say something regarding the possibility of evaluation being renewed with the upcoming big update?

Yes, as with the Dorico 1.1 update, it will be possible for you to have another 30-day trial of the new version when it becomes available.

This is great news, thank you!


But is the deadline for the reduced priced cross grading from Sibelius still the end of this month ?
My main use is drum set notation, and I’m wondering if I’d have to decide before having any chance to test the next release!?


I just heard today on the Discover Dorico session on YouTube, that the cross grade will continue until further notice (UFN) for user of Sibelius and Finale. However, the cross grade for switching from Notion expires at the end of this month.


Here is the official news about the crossgrade.

Hi, Daniel.
What do I have to do in order to restart the trial period?
I downloaded and installed the Dorico 1.2 update but the eLicenser Control Center lists my 1.1 trial licence as expired.

I tried to signup for a new trial license on the Steinberg website with the same email address I used the first time but did not receive any email in due time (I also checked my spam folder).

Please help :slight_smile:

You will receive a new Dorico 1.2 trial activation code by email in due course, probably some time this coming week, but I’m afraid I can’t say exactly when it will be.

Thanks, Daniel! :slight_smile: