Next Clip Edge and Splice

I use the Next Clip Edge shortcut ctrl+pgdown a lot in the montage.
But the behavior the way I use it has changed since Wavelab 8.5.

I normally have 2 tracks, each with a clip.
The clip in Track 2 has 2 or more splices. The clip in Track 1 has no splices.

With the clip in Track 1 selected, I press ctrl+pgdown to go to the first splice (the splice being in track 2).
I press the “S” key and it puts a splice in the Track 1 clip.
I press ctrl+pgdown to go to the next splice.
I press the “S” key and, in Wavelab 9, nothing happens.

In Wavelab 8.5, I would have gotten another splice in Track 1 at that point.

Can it be made to work the way it did in Wavelab 8.5?
Or is there something else in Wavelab 9 I can do, so I don’t have to refocus Track 1 for each new splice I want to replicate, all down the line? It worked very well all the time in Wavelab 8.5.

On Windows 10.

I know I can splice across all tracks, but I don’t want to if I have clips on other tracks I don’t want to splice.

If I understand your request: select all the clips you want, then press S. If you have 2 clips, they will all be splitted in one operation.

Thanks PG, I didn’t know you could do that across tracks. I’ll select all the clips on track 1 and track 2 and see if it makes a difference. I don’t need to remake the splices on track 2 that I’m replicating on track 1, but I guess it’ll probably have no bad effect to “resplice” those splices.

The behavior has definitely changed since 8.5, and going back it seems to have changed early on in Wavelab 9. (I have all 3 versions installed, 8.5, 9, 9.5).

Thank PG, but that still doesn’t make it behave like it did in 8.5.

But I did find if I use “split across all tracks” it does work, so I’ve assigned a shortcut to that. If it can’t be reverted to 8.5 behavior, I guess I’ll just have to continue reselecting the clip each time before each ctrl+pgdown, or I’ll have to start using the split across all tracks, making sure there aren’t clips on other tracks.

When you say:

The clip in Track 2 has 2 or more splices

do you mean “CD Splice Markers”?

No, no markers at all. I’m talking about split, or edit (which I’ve been calling splice).

To be specific, to reproduce:

  1. Place a clip on track 1, at the left edge.
  2. Place a similar length clip on track 2, at the left edge.
  3. Split the clip on track 2 at a number of random spots.
  4. Place the cursor near the beginning in track 1, and press ctrl+pgdown.
  5. Press S.

Wavelab will put a split in the clip on track 1 in the same place as the first split in the track 2 clip.

  1. Press ctrl+pgdown again.
  2. Press S.

Nothing happens. (in Wavelab 9/9.5 anyway).

In Wavelab 8.5, it would have put a new split in the track 1 clip, and will continue to do so with each ctrl+pgdown and S, all down the line to the last split in the track 2 clip. That is the behavior I’m missing in Wavelab 9/9.5.

I see. This is because there is no more activated clip on track #1, after splitting. This will be changed in a future version.

Thank you PG.

Anybody know how to paste 2 clips after being splitted using S? I have done undo, but what about when undo is not an option. In other words, how to remove a splice.

If you mean heal a splice or split, I think I’ve seen a feature request in the past, but it’s not implemented afaik. But I would second adding that feature.

Pro Tools has a nice feature to heal splits in items that have not been moved or edited.

I can’t say this is a high priority on my list but I wouldn’t hurt to add it if it’s easy.

I just tried the heal in Reaper because I wondered what it would do if the adjacent clips had different plugin chains, or different volume envelope settings. The way it seems to work is to remove the second clip plugin chain but keep the first clip plugin chain, which is probably the best thing to do under the circumstances. And it retains the volume envelope settings and draws a straight line from the next to last volume point in the first clip to the first volume point in the second clip, which is probably also the best thing to do.

Interesting. I hadn’t thought about clip FX management here because back when I did this in Pro Tools sometimes, Pro Tools didn’t have Clip FX like it does now, so there was nothing to worry about.

I think all your suggestions are great.