"Next Midi Track" or "Add Midi Track" No Longer Increments to next channel

Add midi track does not change to next channel. Does not work when adding extra tracks via track count either. - Context: have an instrument track and click add midi channel used to add a track that would be on the next midi channel. now it always reverts to channel 1.

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As far as I know, this has changed by purpose.

same problem here. this is so infuriating. and there is no way to change it back. why? just why?


Unfortunately, there is no preferences.

Personaly, I also don’t like it.

Hi, since the add track dialog now contains the option to specify the midi channel number directly, this number will be used in all cases. However, in the first maintenance update, creating several midi tracks at once will again increase the channel number by one per subsequent channel while again starting with the one selected in the dialog.
In any case, you can still create midi tracks via selecting an existing one and then double-clicking in the empty part of the track-list which increases the number by one from the selected track.


I’ve just been bitten by this. @Jendrik_Seiler - thanks for the workaround tip,

Can you confirm behaviour in the next update? Will setting the channel number always refer to the first channel and then auto-increment afterwards? If so that’s an improvement for sure - thanks.

Is it possible to add a checkbox to the dialog which either keeps the channel or incrementally increases?

And even better, remember whether the box was ticked or not.
That would be a super useful improvement.

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The describes change will be in the first maintenance update. I can’t confirm any date for that though. There is no additional setting planned to turn this behaviour on or off.

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I actually prefer this behaviour. I always want to add more MIDI tracks to my TR-8s or Groove Agent and had to go back and change the MIDI channel back to 1 for them all. I was really pleased when I saw this was no longer the case.

Of course a setting for both options would be preferable.

Wow, I never thought anyone could possibly want every track the same midi channel, but there you go!

Once the behaviour goes back to how it was, I’d just create 1 midi track and then duplicate.


I totally agree with [mk1x86], give us a checkbox. This behaviour change is a big drawback when using multi-channel VSTIs like Halion Sonic. Could you at least give us a keyboard shortcut that equals double-clicking in the empty part of the track-list.

This is really a total PITA currently. And that new channel selector is not even automatable. We have to click with the mouse to choose the channel. And because that window doesn’t pop up on the same position all the times, even that cannot be automated properly.

You have implemented so many nice and useful search/filter functions for all kinds of tasks in recent versions of Cubase. Why this totally unergonomic amateurish solution for the Midi track creation?

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This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

If you add multiple MIDI tracks at once, the MIDI Channel is going to increase. So the way is going to be:

  • Add an Instrument Track.
  • Add MIDI Track(s).
  • In the Add Track dialog, set the MIDI Channel to 2 (to start from MIDI Channel 2, if you want to keep the source Instrument Track for the MIDI Channel 1 data).
  • Set the Count to 15 (to get all 16 MIDI Tracks).
  • Add Track.

You get 15 MIDI Tracks with MIDI Channels 2-16.

Yes but now it doesn’t work that way.

And also why just stop there and go back to that semi-good solution in earlier versions… Why not implementing a powerful Add Track dialog with all kinds of options, like batch naming, channel assigning rules, etc…

All I care in this DAW is workflow and I am happy so many new workflow features were introduced with recent versions and especially C13. But there is so much more way to go here.



Everyone agrees with this. It’s a known and already fixed issue. At this moment, we can’t do more but waiting for the 1st maintenance update.

Hi Martin,

I don’t know why but it doesn’t work for me. I must be missing something…

Do You know when this maintenance update will be release please ?



You don’t have the mentioned maintenance update installed (because it was not released yet).

Sorry, no one is allowed to share this information before the official release.

thank you Martin for your response,

I read a little quickly and a little too tired too.

As the procedure was a bit “long”, I thought it was a temporary solution while waiting for the maintenance update.
I agree with what was said by Sascha, Why not implementing a powerful Add Track dialog with all kinds of options, like batch naming, channel assigning rules.

This would be a very good idea for futur updates.


This isn’t effective (in my situation) either, because every time I add multiple MIDI tracks, Cubase automatically defaults to the first outgoing routing channel. I echo Sascha’s comments: PLEASE enhance the workflow in Cubase. Additionally, I’m unable to select any MIDI outgoing channels (to the racks) in the mix console, as they simply don’t exist! Manually altering MIDI tracks becomes a real hassle, especially if I (or Cubase inadvertently) modify the racks or anything similar. Thank you for looking into any possible support.

PS and off topic: and a rename hot key binding for any tracks would be much appreciated…