Next / Prev Window (project)?

I often work with several projects loaded. Currently the only way I know of to move from Project 1 to Project 2 is to go up to the main menu / Windows and select Project 2. I can then activate it and begin work in that context.

I was hoping to find a Next / Prev Window command that I could bind a keystroke to. I could then just tap through the loaded projects until I get to the one I want, hit activate, and never reach for the mouse.

That said, I’m not seeing anything like this under Windows in the Key Commands dialog. Is there a way to accomplish this that I’m overlooking, or is the only way to move to a new project the Windows menu?



Thanks, man. That’s a standard Windows key and it certainly works as advertised.

I probably should have been more specific. I’m looking for something I can map to buttons on my control surfaces (e.g. MCU, CMC TP). Any thoughts on how to accomplish that?

I don’t think there is something specific for that task, I could be wrong.
But there is:
It is old and not maintained since 2008, if it still works with current windows versions, I don’t know.
The pro version is not that expensive, and will do a lot more.

Yeah, I think I may be barking up a nonexistent tree. Interesting idea, thanks.

Well sort of – Alt+TAB switches between all windows, Ctrl+TAB is program dependent and switches internally only. You’re right though, you can’t map it to a single key. You could use a mouse with programmable buttons, I use one from Logitech f.e. I bought it with programmable keys in mind but I actually haven’t found any practical use for it myself, I usually always have my left hand ready to use the keyboard instead.

When the Cubase IC Pro app went down and was unusable for three months because of an iOS update, I started looking at alternative approaches for tracking. I ended up splitting the DAW monitor so I could have a second one in the live room, and I also ran a USB cable. That lets me use my CMC-TP transport pad to start / stop / record / navigate markers, etc.

I could carry the wireless mouse and keyboard from the control room to the live room, at which point I’d have a full remote workstation. However, it’s a bit clumsy to have to move my keyboard and mouse back and forth, so I was hoping to find a solution that I could just map to one of the F keys on the CMC-TP in order to bring up different projects.

Once again I find myself in the unenviable position of being and edge case user.

Look into Autohotkey

I appreciate the suggestion, but I was looking for a solution that let me map the “Next Window” functionality to a button on my control surface.

I’ve dealt with something similiar before, here’sas far as I got:

no cycle windows though, you’ll have to sacrifice one key for each window on your control surface.

That’s an interesting approach, thanks for the ideas.