Nexus2 , where (path) and how to install in C6 64bit win7

Just installed nexus 2. Install was succes as it is on my elicenser. No problem with registration key.
However. It is not showing up in my vst instruments list…
even if i go in devices and ad the path (where my nexus is installed) to the vst2 pop-up folder, and update… still not showing up…?
Did many times unnstall and reinstall… No result…
Anyone who knows the clue…?
Where to install?
Why nexus goes in program files (x86)? It is 64 bit system… And i choose 64.exe…


Just wondering if you found any solution for this. I am having same problem. I just purchased Nexus 2 and now I can’t see in cubase either.
I have tried everything but no luck yet. please let me know how did you fix it? thank you

Look for the Nexus .dll file, then copy it into your VST2 folder (by default C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins).