NI Guitar Rig 5 not showing up in Cubase 8 PRO VSTi list.

Hi, I have Native Instruments Komplete 10 but several of the VSTs are not showing up at all in my DAW on the VST Instrument list under track / rack instruments. The DLL files are in the VST Plugin folder (32bit DLL files in the 32 bit folder and 64 bit DLL files in the 64 bit folder.

In the 64 bit folder (I’m running Win 8.1 64 bit with the 64 bit version of Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.20) we have Absynth, Battery, Driver, FM8, Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5, Massive, Reaktor, Solid Bus comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ, Supercharger, and Transient Master.

In Cubase, only the following show up:
Absynth, Battery, FM8, Kontakt 5, Massive, & Reaktor 5.

I tried using plugin manager to search for the missing VSTis but none are found. I checked all the file paths.
I followed a tutorial article by Native Instruments on how to determine that the dll files are in the right folder, which they are. I’m pretty stymied at the moment. Is there anything I am missing?


if those plug-ins are all in the same folder, then all of them are scanned.

You won’t find Driver, Guitar Rig 5, Solid Bus comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ, Supercharger and Transient Master under the Instruments list, but under Effects. Maybe this is the problem?

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AAGGHH YES, it’s an ID10T Error!!! OF COURSE, you use an Effect to process an audio channel but you use a VSTi for midi. DUH. Thanks so much!