NI MASCHINE - Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I recently purchased Native Instrument’s Maschine MK2 (1.8.2) for my Window’s 7 x64 computer. The maschine software is great, but I can’t load all of my plug-ins, nor can I record audio directly into it.
I tried loading it as a VST Instrument in Cubase 7, and I can load sounds, and interact with the VSt, but It’s not inputting the Midi data…nor is it receiving it.
I found a video on Youtube about setting up the Maschine to work within Cubase, and I followed it explicitly.
However, I’m still unable to have the VST record any MIDI information when I record.

I tried setting the Maschine VST parameters to Send to Midi Channels. When that didn’t work I tried to Send to Midi Notes. That also didn’t work.
If I try to use a MIDI keyboard to trigger the VST, it also does not work.

My goal is mainly to use the Maschine VST to record midi information into a Cubase Midi track.
Can someone explain to me how to do this as though I was an idiot?
I can’t seem to get this, and I’m so frustrated that I’m about to sell both Cubase and my Maschine as a result.

Load Maschine as a VSTi in Cubase.
When the VST loads, you get the PLug in GUI, and the Maschine controls it…it does not control the Midi track in Cubase…

Hold down the Shift key [bottom right of transport set] and press the Control key [top left]. This changes the hardware unit from a dedicated Maschine controller to a general midi controller.
Create a Midi track in cubase, if it’s not there already
Select in your Midi Input Dropdown “Maschine Mk2 In” [if this Midi input is in your “All Midi Inputs” in the Midi Device Menu, then you can select “All Midi Inputs” here]
If you have a midi track receiving input from the maschine controller, hitting a pad/button/turning a knob should produce midi activity on the track monitor…
Let me know if this works!

One further observation…
If you want Maschine to play your recording, which you are doing through Cubase [ie so that the Maschine Controller is still linked to the Maschine VSTi], make sure the Midi Input/Output in Cuabse is correct before you do the “Sound Midi Batch Setup” thing in the youtube video. that is
Click on your Midi Input dropdown in Cubase - select “1 - Maschine - Midi Out”
Click on your Midi Output Dropdown in Cubase - Select “1- Maschine - Midi In”

Hope these help!

This occurred to me while attempting to get it to work. Here’s what happens.
When I go into the hardware controller mode, using Shift +Control, it pulls up the Mackie Template.
When I do this, the buttons assume different functions, as if to act like a remote console or mixing console.
I went as far as discovering which Notes (i.e. C0-D#1) the Maschine triggers in it’s program, changing the NI Controller Mackie Template so that the pads would match the notes. Then I open Cubase, so that it can rescan the hardware and settings, load Maschine VST, set the inputs as All Midi, swtich to Hardware Controller mode, and it still does not record any Midi information from the Maschine VST. -Ideally, the VST should respond to ANY Midi input, like a keyboard, but it doesn’t.

But let’s say that I do record patterns with the Maschine VST and the Mk2 using just the native mode (USB only) within Cubase. How then can I tell the DAW which Patterns AND Scenes to trigger at given times during a song, since it neither exports Midi info, nor does it respond to Midi input???

I figured it out - no thanks to this forum.
In the video I mentioned before, the instructions say to have the GROUP set to Output Midi to Notes.
They say nothing about doing this for the individual sounds, and then mapping each one to a different note.
That’s why it wasn’t working. The group was mapped, but the sounds weren’t.

And now, I’m making music.

I have Cubase 7.5.30 and recently added Maschine MK2 to my studio for a game track project.

  1. I have my DX7 midi IN and Out used for Halon that will record in Cubase (set for Midi 1)
  2. The DX7 midi Thru is going to Maschine MK2 IN (set for midi 2)

If I hit the key on the DX7 it will play the note from the Maschine Mk2 pad and will change as I hit the pad
What I want is to play the Maschine MK2 and record to Cubase. :open_mouth:

DX7 sound show up in cubase level bar but not when I play the Maschine MK2 :unamused:

I am sure there is a midi setup for Maschine MK2 to record in Cubase, that I would like to share the fix by posting on my forum. :wink:

The Cubase support ticket was telling me to look at YouTube videos, which I feel is sad since I have been a long time customer and help advertise Cubase :smiley:

To me its about sharing knowledge and help make Music