NI S88 Mk 2 Komplete Kontrol keyboard functions not working as expected in Cubase 12 Pro

After setting up my new Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk 2 for Cubase Pro 12 latest release (I did the Cubase Studio setup with midi settings according to NIs instructional video and checked that settings are correct).

  • the S88 play and stop buttons work fine, just like the quantize button and the big knob for transport
  • but pressing the rec button just makes one short blip sound and does not start recording
  • loop does not set loop either

All in all, only some of the functionality is working as expected, but some essentials not. My question:

  • are there any problems setting up Cubase Midi Control the old way in Studio Setup, while Steinberg is developing Cubase Midi remote?
  • any settings I have to change to get the keyboard working as controller?

It would of course be best, if the S88 Mk 2, one of the most used controllers in studios and home studios, would finally become a supported device in the Midi remote scripts. Frankly, I don’t understand why the widespred NI Komplete Kontrol controllers haven’t been on top of the Midi Remote devices list to be supported right from the start.

All helpful hints appreciated…