NI soft synths not showing updated version in Plug In Manager

I have various soft synths from Native INstruments eg FM8 and Absynth - in the Plug In Manager in Cubase 9 they are showing up as older versions than I have in the NI Service Center.

I am not sure how this happens, or how to update them so Cubase works with the updated versions - can anyone advise the process?

Run them and click their logos to check if they’re using the latest version.

The stand alone versions are showing the latest version, but within Cubase its still showing the older versions

Then you may have somehow installed them to a different location that is not in the Cubase paths.

Search your file system to see if you have multiple versions.

Hmm. Really struggling with this.

I have the FM8 application in 2 seperate folders - but they are both the newest version, 1.4.

I have the FM8 .dll file in 2 other different locations - this is the old version 1.2.

Not sure what all this means … if anyone can advise?

Get rid of the old .dll. Or at the very least, temporarily move the .dll to a location where Cubase won’t do a scan such as your desktop. When you installed FM8 you should have only installed the 64 bit version assuming you use Cubase. Perhaps you installed the 32 bit which Cubase then tosses to the blacklist folder?

Make sure, via the Cubase Plug-in manager, that it scans the location of the new version. Then do a scan. I’m not sure why you keep old versions or old .dll’s of the same plug-in, but sometimes that is necessary such as when using Kore.

After you get this sorted out, you might want to do an analysis of other duplicate .dlls where one version is older than the other. You can do that with a Windows 7 search.

Or, you can do this with The Ultimate Plug-In Tool.

When installing NI updates… be sure to check that the VST (.dll) is selected to install during the update.

I have had this problem in the past, you need to select the option (to install VST) during installation.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I think that what must of happened is that when installing the updates I did not have the VST ticked and therefore got a new application but old .dll files. Re-installing the update has fixed it, and I made sure to check the VST there, and I did get fresh .dll files installed.

Massive and FM8 worked fine. I’m still having a problem with Absynth failing to install, butI guess that is another issue I have to chase down.