"Nice" Keyboard Shortcut Refefence Card or Cheat Sheet

Does anybody know of the existence of a nice reference card/PDF for Cubase? I have one of those fancy keyboards with the labelled keys but what I would like is a nice card I can refer to for help on keyboard shortcuts to switch between piano roll and main project view etc.

Any ideas?

Don’t know of anything exactly like you request. One problem is that folks tend to reassign a lot of the Key Commands. Lots of very useful functions don’t have default keys assigned to them. And lots of the default assigned keys might not be anything you specifically need. Yet those unneeded commands are using up lots of the good “easy to use keys” - so replace those with ones you like. Pretty much a moving target out in the wild.

But this will show you all your currently assigned key Commands.

Thanks for the that. I see your point - we all work differently :slight_smile: That link could be quite useful indeed - I guess I just need to work out which commands I want to use and then consider whether they’re worthy of shortcuts or what the default shortcuts are. Being a programmer, I find it a nuisance reaching for the mouse at times.

Yes the ultimate truth for Key Commands.