Nice pop / rock song


I recorded, mixed and mastered (everything in Cubase 6.5) this nice pop / rock song for a local band called Forsus.


Hi Simon,

Good song, sounds great!


No idea what language that is but her voice has good character to it. Nice production skills, the mix sounds really nice. Song sounds cool too, the instruments have room to breathe compositionally and have clarity from the production. Good job with it.

Sounds great, as usual. Nicely done.

Very nice. Like her voice. No nit picks here.



Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Several languages matched one or more words in the title. Welsh was the…most interesting. :laughing:

But is this Serbian? Black and white scarf?

Good mix, though I’m not terribly happy with the actual movement of the sweep of the filter at the beginning. It sounds like it was done manually instead of via automation where the movement could be more precisely controlled.

Excellent song otherwise. Really nice degree of clarity in the mix.

Nice clear and good sound mix, but no dynamics of record.To my taste very plane sound.
Is it problem of digital record or problem of overcompresed mastering?

Sounds good here… nice clear open mix. Vocalist sounds good too. :sunglasses:

Thnx guys for your comments. I am a little bit late with my reply. :blush:

Slovenian actually, but you were pretty close. The translation is correct: black and white scarf. :slight_smile:

Overcomressed master. Not my choice.

a brill sound…may I ask you what the vocal path is please?..Kevin

Thnx. :slight_smile:
Vocal path was:
MIcrophone: Brauner Panthera
Preamp: Triton Audio D20 set to fet mode
Compressor: Elysia xpressor 500
RME M32 A/D converter

That’s it. :slight_smile:

cheers, some big stuff there…quality shows…Kevin