Niente 'n' horizontal position


I have a problem where the n of the niente symbol appears to the right of the note where I expect it to be centred (based on settings in Engraving Options). This only happens when there is a preceding hairpin running into the n - see attached photo.

Is there a setting I can change somewhere (perhaps to do with hairpins pushing into the next beat?), or have I already maybe tweaked something accidentally which has caused this behaviour? I can’t find anything in EO that might fix this besides ‘Alignment of text dynamics relative to note’, which is already set to centred.


Try changing ‘Strategy for gap between adjacent hairpins’ to ‘Shorten end of first hairpin’ instead of the default ‘Shorten start of second hairpin’, on the Dynamics page of Engraving Options.

Thanks Daniel - that’s done the trick.