Hi there

Is there any way to get at Niente in crescendos in Dorico like the one above? In Sibelius there was an option to add a little circle at one end of a hairpin in order to tell the player to fade in from nothing.

If this isn’t available yet, please could it be a feature request?

Niente (Italian pronunciation: [ˈnjɛnte]), also called quasi niente [ˈkwaːzi ˈnjɛnte], is a musical dynamic often used at the end of a piece to direct the performer to fade the music away to little more than a bare whisper, normally gradually with a diminuendo,[1] al niente.[2] It is often written as “Music-diminuendo.svgn” or “Music-diminuendo.svgø”. It is also used to direct the performer to fade into a note without any articulation at the beginning of the note, known as dal niente (from nothing): “nMusic-crescendo.svg”.