Niggle: New Plug-In Scan

The new plug-in manager is a real step forward. However…

The -old- scanner used to give one a progress bar. The new one has NO visual cues other than a spinner. SCARRRRRRY. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Since most people with a -zillion- plugs will have at least -one- plug-in fail during the scan, you -need- that progress bar to tell you that things are moving along.

This may seem small, but if you’ve got 600 plugs (and I know you do) it’s definitely not.

I’m having this problem now, I need to re-scan my plugins as something isn’t showing up… when I click on re-scan a plugin is making Cubase crash and I’ve no idea which one, when I go back to re-scan it crashes again and again…

Is there a way I can make cubase re-scan at start up? At least you can see then the name of the plugin it crashed on

Is there a way I can make cubase re-scan at start up?

Delete the Vst2xPlugins.xml from the preferences folder.

But the plug showing when the program stalls isn’t always the one causing the problem. If removing it doesn’t make any difference you might have to work it out by copying out a batch of plugs from the plugin folder and retrying until you narrow down the culprit.

Thanks for your response, fortunately I don’t need to rescan now! Phew, as it takes ages… thanks though, I now know what to do if I need to it in future

The irritating thing is that Cubase -knows- which plug is causing the issue. But it doesn’t display that info for end users. The program should keep a USER-UNDERSTANDABLE log of scans… including errors… similar to the way most A/V scanners work.

When it does know the plug causing the crash it adds it to the blacklist and ignores on next scan, but other times I guess it crashes before it can record which plug is crashing it (which is when you get stuck in the scan loop as it crashes on that same plug every time).

amen! really it should not crash cubase either i mean, come on this is V8 of a long-standing DAW that should be able to catch things like this and still allow control. it should also ask if you want to “skip” the plugin and move onto the next one instead of just “freeze”