Nine-note Triplets

I created nine-note triplets on the fourth beat of a 4/4 measure (Sample B) in another program, but I can’t seem to create the same notation in Dorico. All I seem to be able to do is to make 9 tuplets (9:8) (Sample A). When I try to make three groups of triplets, I always have a straggling eighth note left over. Can someone tell me how to do this properly? Thanks

Are you aware that you can hide the number and re-beam the notes inside the tuplet?

I would do the 9:8 tuplet you mentioned and then make the above adjustments.


To proceed as @DanielMuzMurray suggests, go to Edit—>Notations—>Beaming—>Split secondary beam.


or just select the note/s and right click with the mouse to have the contextual menu :wink:

There’s no need to fuss with the beaming if you use the following notation:

  • With the caret on beat 4, create an eighth note triplet (3:2e)
  • Create a 3:4y triplet inside that
  • Enter the notes (Dorico continues to create 32nd note triplets as you go)
  • Exit note entry, select the run, filter for tuplets and hide the numbers and brackets

To copy the resulting figure to another staff, note that you have to be showing the hidden-tuplet signposts. Select those along with the notes, and then you can Alt-click to copy elsewhere.