No 32 bit support moving forward, but...

I understand there will be no 32 bit support moving forward, but does this mean that they are also dropping VST2 even if it is a 64 bit plugin? I sure hope not, that would SUCK! Many devs do not have VST3 versions of their plugins out and I don’t see them coming anytime soon.

I can’t see Steinberg dropping support for VST2 for sometime, there are just too many products out there in that format, and are still being produced.

What has been said is that 32 bit development will cease, the 32 bit-bridge won’t be available in next versions.
Nothing about VST2 been dropped to my knowledge.

So for now I will keep the last 8.5.15 in 32 bit installed as I have a few paid 32 bit software (Virtual Guitarist 2) which still does not have a good successor.

Have checked out VG-AMBER and VG-IRON?
They are developed by the same guys who made Virtual Guitarist.

Yes have tried the demo’s, functionally wise they are good, however I do not like the samples (sound). Otherwise I think they have done a good job.

i still using some 32bit plugins from Cubase SX. like Quadrafuzz, bitcrusher…

Eh? Why do that when Cubase Pro 8 comes with a better version of Quadrafuzz and the exact same bitcrusher?