No ability to export audio in Dorico Pro 2.2.20

In Dorico Pro 2.2.20 with VST Audio Engine 2 I am trying to export audio files of an orchestra piece. According to the Dorico help page, there should be the option to “File/Export/Audio,” but my copy of Dorico does not give me this option (see attached screenshot). Am I doing something wrong? Why would this not show up?


Thanks for the reply. So do I understand correctly that this has been fixed, but only for Dorico 3? Or is the audio export function in Dorico 3 still broken? I need to make exports urgently.

For most of us it’s never been broken, but it’s a side effect of new macOS code that exists in Catalina and seemingly the last maintenance update to Mojave. This seems to have affected different macs in different ways. I think 3.0.10 fixes this specific problem across the board, but there are still other problems that people are experiencing with Catalina and 3.0.10.

Dorico 2 won’t be updated for Catalina. See for why.