No access to my My Steinberg account

I have not been able to access my My steinberg account for more than 20 days. When I bought Cubase Elements 01/22/20 he sent me a security code to email that I had to enter to access and I did so. Twenty days later, when I received a discount coupon for Wavelabe, it tells me again that they would send a security code to my mailbox to access My Steinberg and this code NEVER CAME TO MY EMAIL and I am still waiting to access. Every time I want to avoid an email request I get a blank page !!
Waiting for a prompt solution.

I am sorry to hear that! Could you please check, if you can manually whitelist the following sender in your mail account and try again?
Name: MySteinberg Acount Info
E-Mail address:

If that does not help, please send me a PM to arrange for a manual delivery of the verification code.

Hi I am having this same issue
after loging in i get a page that says i need to enter a code steinberg is emailing me
The problem, I never get the email
this has been happening for about a month

I’ll reply to your submitted ticket today, brianajo.

Thanks greetings

I have exactly the problem! I have to provide the „steinberg ID“ send to me via email but I never received one!
Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Kind regards,

+1 Steinberg sent me 15 different codes and it says that the code is not valid when I enter it . Could this be Covid 19 and there is not staff at work to repair there system .Regards and stay safe

I’d rather say that those codes do not reach you in time and thus are not valid anymore, British. Did you wait for the first code to arrive before you requested a new one? If you requested a new code prior to that (and I can see many requests within a minute or two) it could be that the first code to arrive was rendered invalid because of that. Could be that you have been “one code behind” all the time.

If it still does not work, please send an email to info [at] steinberg dot de so that we can help.

Ed Doll Thanks . Your team sorted my problem for me.Turns out Virgin Media web provider had a problem with the codes so I was asked to try another provider Mozill Firefox which worked first time . Once again thanks team .

Kind Regards Colin