No Activation Code for Cubase 9 (Resolved)

Upgraded from v8.5. Invoice has been emailed to me from Steinberg, so no problem there.
But nothing showing in my account. I had a download link for the programme from the transaction and have installed.
So, only running in trial mode for 20 hours or so.
Anyone else with this problem ?


EDIT: Now resolved.

Liking this version very much.
Top work Steinberg.

Same here. Well, even worse, there was no invoice sent to my email, i can’t even use the 8.5 version since i had trouble licensing the newest version and reinstalled e-licenser…this is so frustrating, i cant get a single fricking email adress from support. :blush:

I love cubase, but the things you have to go through when something is wrong…My god, it is easier to get Obama to respond than steinberg. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Unis, I have resent the email to your Gmail account. Also, you have attempted to download the update so you must have received something?

Thanks for your help Ed.

Let me clarify my current situation, and all the actions taken since the purchase.

  1. Right after the successful purchase, the site automatically redirected me to the web page with both DL link and the activation code.

  2. I dloaded and installed cubase 9

  3. when i tried to activate the product, the e licenser was unable to successfully transfer the license. In the lower notification column it said “pending license cubase 9” or something like that.

  4. checked my inbox, and noticed that no email about the purchase was sent to me.

edit: as im writing this, the elicenser successfully transfered the license and cubase is now working in full mode.

Only thing that still isnt resolved is there is still no cubase 9 listed inder “myproducts”, only cubase 8.5.

One more thing, what is the best way to reach the tech support in case of any future issues?

The issue with Cubase 9 not showing up in MySteinberg should be fixed by now. Could you check again?

Tech Support for your country is available through our Yamaha distributor. You can find the contact details at this page:

Yes, Cubase 9 is now listed under Mysteinberg. Everything works fine now.

Thanks a lot for your help, and sorry for my rant post earlier.