No activation code for Cubase AI

I got a download access code for Cubase AI with a modelling amp (Yamaha THR10) and installed the program but it won’t run because I have no access code. It doesn’t look like the same format as the download access code so I assume it’s something else. Do you know how I can get one? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Download Access Code is different then Activation Code. If it starts by 0240, then it’s a Activation Code. If it starts different, then it’s a Download Access Code. Follo this article, please.

No success and I can’t even seem to get back into your forum to let you know. It’s like a wilderness of mirrors. The elicener says I don’t have an elicenser. Is there any way wo get this working?


If the Soft-eLicenser Number has not been created, use the eLicenser Helper.