No activation code for new purchase

I just bought WaveLab Pro9, but never got an activation code. Is there some unknown waiting period they don’t mention?


an email should have come to you straight away with the activation code, also you can log into your “My Steinberg” and see the code there.
This should happen straight away without any delay.

Unless either the Steinberg server has gone down, or your payment didn’t go through straight away.

Thanks, but I did receive the email confirmation. It says:
Order Date: 03/15/2017
Payment: VISA
Total: $373.22
Invoice number: pending…

I click the download now link and it says there is nothing to download.

Checked My Steinberg portal and it’s not there either.

Is there not a phone number I can call? I assumed they were a big company and would provide support?


Have same problem, today!??

yep. never sent an activation code and no support number to call. No response to email through the website either.

have just tried ‘Steinberg Lounge’ as someone has received a PM from there…

Took me a while to sink in and so used to download facility (especially as email contained a link) and just about to cancel credit card, when I realised I had failed to read ‘ stating this: ‘Shipped as box’, like the old days when, I assume, the Activation Code will be on a card within said box. Also found this:
Information to your order Information to your delivery a) You have purchased a Box
When your order has been shipped by our logistics partner, you will receive a separate email (shipment notification) with the tracking code from DHL or UPS. With the tracking code you can find out about the actual whereabouts of your order via the DHL or UPS website.’
Personally had gotten all fired up to integrate with Cubase/HALion… and use this w/end, had watched videos and read most of manual in anticipation. Hope our patience can stand the wait, keep in touch, pacstein

Thanks. Would have been nice of Steinberg to let their customers know that if they buy it today, they will receive it sometime in the future. Anothef lame move on their part. Hoping the Yamaha acquisition will change things.


well, in the shop the article WaveLab 9 Pro Full Version is only available as a box product (mostly due to requirement of an USB eLicenser). That is clearly visible, as in the “Box or Download” section only box is available and selected. The box contains the USB eLicenser and activation code.

However, there is another option available. You can just buy the activation code (that is primarily intended if you already have a trial version and want to permanently activate that one). In that case choose article Activation Code for the permanent activation of my trial version. So you will buy the activation code and can download the software (if required). That should work with the discount code as well, but I did not try it. A USB eLicenser is of course required in order to activate the license.


‘Another lame move’ to not read what you buy - MixMike said it well. And the Yamaha acquisition was years ago…

even after realising that it was a box only purchase, the initial email receipt was not clear as to what was happening next and the Download link, was a tad confusing. Even when I logged into my account it still said Pending, but not to what: payment issues…?.. After several emails to asknet I was informed that Steinberg had not enough items in stock, last week and that my purchase was had become a ‘back order’. Also I would not know that it is being delivered by UPS and I now have a Tracking Number. I don’t mine waiting providing I’m given information relevant to this, the not knowing was my issue: shall definitely use PayPal next time, they resolve this sort of mishap, rapidly.

‘The box contains the USB eLicenser and activation code.’ I would be most surprised that a new USB eLicenser is included, but it would be welcome!

That’s what I did. I own Cubase pro, so I already have a key. Once the activation code was registered, I was able to download the program from my Strindberg account.