No activation code sent after purchase!

Just bought Cubase 9.5 Pro version but cannot see it on my private Steinberg page. Didn´t get the promised Activation code!

Do not understand how or why Steinberg screw my intentions of being a great composer with insanely complicated license routines?

I do not wanna spend time on technical difficulties, missing codes or anything that has to do with Steinbergs freight of being screwed by hackers.

I pay to support their innovation and development of the software. But I don´t pay for getting heart attacks or strokes!

Good damn it, this smells like the 90´s worst odor when everything was complex and totally awkward in registration processes. Please Steinberg, keep up with the new millenium, I am sure you can fix it without chipping your users :slight_smile:

Any one that have experienced something like this are welcome to seriously tell me how to solve the problem before someone at Steinberg have time to help. Tomorrow its delivery date for my customer and I cannot lose him because of a ridiculous routine.

Hi and welcome,

Did you buy it online? If yes, contact AskNet, please.

Asknet are totally worthless.

I ask for an activation code, they keep sending the order confirmation!

Totally insane! Please shape up Steinberg and take responsibility for your customers! This smells really really bad to me!

Isn’t there the activation code on the order confirmation? Or is it on the invoice?

When I upgraded to 9.5 a three weeks ago I received 3 emails.

The first had the activation code (which was also shown on the final purchase screen). This email was titled “Order Confirmation” so this is presumably the email that has not reached you (or is in a spam folder). I’d suggest asking askNet for a copy of this.

This first email was received almost immediately I’d placed the order, the other two (including the invoice copy which doesn’t have the Activation code on it) came later.

Hallo? I have the same problem and now im very upset about dis :frowning: i bough cubase 9.5 updates from cubase 8 and right after i pay, a page which said download acecces code. I download it but i forgot to save than i cant find any activation code downloaf code.
Btw you have solved ur problem. Please hlep me. And sorry for my bad english.

Hi and welcome,

If I’m right, you should see the code in your MySteinberg account.

Activation code should have come in an email, check your SPAM folder.

I just downloaded Cubase LE 11 and can’t open it because I wasn’t sent an activation code as it says I should have. Seeing as this list contains so many comments like this, Steinberg SHOULD fix this absolute annoyance of a problem that they should be on top of.