No ADAT signal


I recently bought a Behringer ADA8200 to accompany my MR816x via ADAT.
I have hooked it up by using a two Toslink cables. Ada8200 set to work as slave (adat in).
sync lock lits green which mean a proper connection has been detected.
Ada8200 Input 1 gets signal from connected mic.
MR816x is set to internal clock,48kHz sample rate and i/0 to ADAT.

When i open up Cubase 7 elements, add new mono track and assign ADAT 1 as the input, i get no signal.

How do i route inside MR editor in order to get all 8 channels functioning in Cubase?


Hi ,seems like your setting it up right so you can see adat inputs in the vst connections (f4) if this is the case your connected ok , so check that on the channel input is on the correct input connection and that you have the monitor on.
the mr editor doesn’t work in cubase .only standalone.