No alignment of the text attached to new line objects?

Dear users and developers,

The new line object is beneficial!
Thank you for implementing the lines.

I have realised that I can put text onto each line via the properties panel.
The vertical text position related to the line could be set by “Text position”.
However, the horizontal text position related to the line cannot currently be set. The text is horizontally centre-aligned related to the line.
Is there a way to align text to the left?
Could the horizontal alignment be implemented in a future version of Dorio if it is currently not able?

+1 !!

Dear prko,
You can achieve this kind of line with a text aligned to the left using playing techniques and the continuation line, if I remember correctly.

Thanks! I provisionally am using the method you suggested.

Fortunately, the line I currently need is a standard straight line, so I have no problem to do it with ‘Playing techniques’. However, I would be very sad if I need a left-aligned text with the lines which are accessible only via ‘Line popover’ and ‘Line pane’.

There’s no line that is only accessible via the Lines panel; all of the lines that appear in the Lines panel can also be used as continuation or transition lines for playing techniques in Engrave > Playing Techniques.

Oh, thanks. It is practical!

The new line editors introduced in today’s Dorico 3.5 update greatly expand the possibilities of what you can do with lines, both in connection with and separately from playing techniques.

Thanks! I have purchased the new version without the permission of my wife. Haha! I am very excited!