No analog input signal on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Hello, everyone,
today I bought this really nice software, but unfortunately I can’t receive an input signal neither with the internal microphone nor with the UR22-USB interface. So I only record empty track files.

I think there must be a way. I can’t believe that the Galaxy Note10+ is missing in the compatibility list…

Can someone explain to me which settings I have to turn on to make it work?

Many thanks in advance!

try this

Hi inteks,

We’ve received a few reports about the Galaxy Note 10+ issue, but are unable to reproduce the problem ourselves.
Do you have the device yourself & been able to solve the problem via the recommended 3rd party app?


Hi Lars,
I’m “olloollo” and not “inteks” . I tryed out the third party App, but without any success.
It seems, that I’ve two problems:

  • I can’t record with the internal mic
  • I can’t record with the UR22

And another problem: I can’t hear anything, when I"ve connected the Ur22.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Olaf,

Thank you for your message.

We are currently evaluating the Galaxy Note 10 internal mic issue.
Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue ourselves so far, but will check further options.

In regards to the UR22, please note the disclaimer, which is included in the Google Play app description, on our Cubasis website and in the FAQ section I this forum: Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars, you can’t reproduce it!? Is it why you don’t have a Galaxy Note 10+ there, or does it work by you?
OK, there is a disclaimer, but what means that for me? Does it means that there is no external audio interface programmed in your software, or is there something special with the UR22 or with the Galaxy ? Anyway, without internal nor external audio functionality this software don’t work for me!
Can you give me a perspective view, when it will work?

Hi olloollo,

Our engineering gave the issue a check on the Galaxy Note 10+, but so far have been unable to reproduce the problem.
But we will further evaluate the topic.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can get in touch with Google, asking them for a refund.


Hi all,

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue on our Galaxy Note 10+, but will further evaluate the topic.
We’ve just recieved the following user report a few minutes ago:

thejjlmusic wrote: ↑23 Jun 2020 08:45
I restarted the phone and connected the electricity cable. Now audio recording seems to work at least for the time being.

Could you please give this a try and let us know about your results?


Hi Lars, what means “connect the electrical cable"? Power, USB,…? What is on the other side of this CABLE? An UR22?

I tried an reboot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the issue. Please beware that I have also no input signal with the internal microphone.

No, I don’t want to have a refund. There must be a way to get it work!
Please solve this issue…

the problem is the external usb-c audio device!
somehow we have to say cubasis witch record source to use.
i also like to see this problem fixed!

this extra app doesnt work allways. and i have to try multiple times. multiple restarts of cubasis and multiple connect/disconnects of my ur242 until recording is working!

same problem with hdmiaudio of external monitor!
maybe you see my video in other thread of using external monitor. it is fun. but with monitor connected cubasis doesn’t even start. i have to start it before. maybe because hdmi doesn’t have audio input…

we need setup of audiodevices and record sources ! and cubasis should remember it for different setups!!!
i.e. UR242 or hdmi audio or USBc headphone adapter!!

pls add this to cubasis! to fix this problem


PS: with this external app i was only able to use smartphone MIC to record!
but i want to use the audio in’s of the ur242!
in this thread on Reddit the author of the external app “lesser audio switch” explain how it works!

pls give it to the developer team :slight_smile:

May be I’m wrong, but even with the software “lesser audio switch” I get no Input with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with the internal microphone. Other Apps can record audio with this phone.

you have to connect usb audio interface. use audioswitch to set inputsource to internal and then restart cubasis. maybe you have to “force close” cubasis… after that i can record audio with internal phone mic… but i dont can record with mic connected to my ur242.

Hi Lars, unfortunately I still can’t record any audio😕!

Any news from your side?

Best wishes

Hi olloollo,

Please get in touch with me via PM.


Hi everyone here, I happen to come across this topic of discussion and I am facing exactly the same situation with Samsung Note 10+ with the Steinberg UR22C, Couldn’t detect the analog signal after I get it connected to the phone using a Type C to Type C cable.

I am researching on the issue, and one of the issues that Note 10+ has is that the type C input replaced the 3.5mm Jack. With this change of the hardware, any audio connections to the phone will require a Digital-to-Analog (DAC) converter, before the phone could detect the audio signal. The problem is finding the right DAC converter for the device, let alone a Type C to Type C cable to comes with DAC. before connecting it to the phone.

Hi @olloollo,

Thank you for your message.

Please have a look if the Adding Audio Tracks chapter of our available Getting started with Cubasis tutorial is of help for you, in resolving the problem.

While the tutorial has been produced using the iOS version, the routing steps shown in the clip should be similar for both versions.

Hope that helps!