No ARA support in 6.5

I was hoping they (steinberg) would have included ARA in this update. Rewire is a nice to see though. What about option for one window interface ? Hate resizing windows well hummm…

i already have a topic on this,

Even Melodyne was late getting DNA, they only got it yesterday. So. It’s a real big problem yes?

aaargh! i’d like to speak for melodyne users like me and the poster of this topic. we would like to see ARA implemented because it will speed up our workflow and make using melodyne in cubase a lot easier (for example, when dealing with tempo changes). so please don’t tell us that we don’t need it. of course we don’t! none of us need music, cubase, i-phones or baywatch! but we want them for our own reasons!
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Please explain that to my Muse! She has been a harsh taskmaster these past 40+ years, ever since introducing me to the guitar. :wink:

When did DNA turn into ARA?

If you’re worried about your “workflow” then, like ALL professional DAW users you’d be best advised to wait at least a year to see whether you get more workflow or more problems.
The worst time to get it would be now.
The pros don’t want more possible bugs introduced because some kid wants a new toy. They need stability.

DNA didn’t become ARA. the original post begins “I was hoping they (steinberg) would have included ARA in this update”.
please read first before posting… to be fair though, the topic title does say DNA which is confusing!
as for comments regarding professionals, i prefer not to comment. except to say that i get paid to use cubase every day. and as a paying customer i and other users have the right to make feature requests. even if we want things that you might not want. other people make requests for things that i have no interest in. i don’t suggest they wait a year…

We have a right to request anything. We also have a right to advise others why that might not be possible.
If ARA was available and reliable then I’d want it, in all probability so would anyone. It looks very handy.
Just becuase you don’t suggest anyone waits a year does not apply that rule to others. If that’s the best advice I can offer I will offer it for you (and other readers) to consider. It’s allowed to ignore it. :mrgreen:

true! but wanting useful things NOW is part of the human tradition.
now i want a beer.
oops. pub 2.0 required.

Just for the sake of accuracy…

ARA support is a service. You can actually turn it off, the service, like you can turn off Rewire support, Video support, Soundcloud support, whatever you don’t need to use. Turn off the support for it and it will never load or even be available to use unless you turn it back on.

It’s a plugin extension that’s 100% optional. If it’s not loaded Melodyne runs as normal. Actually, it will run as normal if you don’t specifically fire the ARA “Open with…” function, just drop it in, even if the service is running, though I’m not sure why anyone would do that.

Related to that, I’d suggest that people who think that a support service for a function that they’d never use is unnecessarily using system resources or causing stability issues … turn it off. It’s 2012 guys. Software can do that. I don’t use rewire in the studio so I turned it off… the rewire service… in my host.

No different from disabling unwanted services from your OS. Hope that helps.

thanks audiocave.

OMG, you are funny…

Kind of … but disabling the service doesn’t remove the code from the software using the service. This code might introduce bugs to the service even in the case it’s no used. Trust me. I’ve spent days to find bugs on the software, which was not using one specific service, but was linked to the new version of library which was updated to use the new service if requested.