No articulations

Hi guys, it seems to me that ONLY staccato is playing back. Must I load a soundset file or something that sends keyswithes to HALion VST?

How does one send keyswitch changes to the HALion VST by the way?

The thing is, my fermatas, accents, glizz., hairpins, dynamics AND TRILLS does not play back. It also would appear that Grace Notes does not play back.

Is it only staccato that works or am I, as usual, not doing something right? :slight_smile:


With the Halion stuff the sounds and their corresponding Expression Maps (sending Key Switches) are loaded automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. However, if you are using other libraries you will either have to search for existing Cubase expression maps and import those into Dorico, or make them up manually yourself.

Staccati and Accents should work. Gliss.,trills and grace notes are not implemented yet. Dynamics and hairpins do work in principle, but apparently many, myself included, find that there are several scenarios where they fail (with sustaining instruments using controller data rather than key velocity.)

Staccato/issimo should work in general. Accents currently only work on instruments that use note velocity for dynamics (ie not most of the HSO ones, which use modwheel). As noted above, there are a number of bugs and limitations with dynamics and hairpins at present.

However… the better news is that I’ve fixed many of these problems for the next update (though it won’t have fermata, gliss, trills or grace notes just yet).

Thank you for all the effort! :slight_smile: