No audio after Dorico restart sometimes

I’m having an issue where sometimes Dorico starts normally, projects load, but no sound is produced. Starting Dorico right away after booting into Windows seems to work consistently, but restarting Dorico or starting Dorico after some other program playing audio (e.g. a browser) sometimes leads to the no audio bug. How can I help troubleshooting this?

Things tested that don’t fix the problem when audio isn’t working:

  • reapplying a playback template
  • changing the device back and forth (it’s set to the correct one by default)
  • restarting Dorico again and killing the VST audio engine process if needed sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t

OS: Windows 10
Dorico version: 4.3 (happened in 4.2 as well)
Audio interface: RME Babyface Pro

Next time you experience the problem, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we (really my colleague @Ulf, who is the expert in such things) can take a look.

Thanks! Here is a diagnostics report:


  1. Exit from working Dorico.
  2. Wait until the Dorico and VST Audio Engine processes have exited.
  3. Start YouTube video, browser is open.
  4. Start Dorico and open project, no sound.

Just to check: are you using the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver as your chosen device in Edit > Device Setup? What is the state of the “allow exclusive use…” checkbox at the top of the GLLAD control panel window? If you change it, does it make any difference?

No I’m using the driver for my audio interface, “ASIO Fireface USB”. “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” doesn’t have my Babyface Pro as an option, and also doesn’t seem to produce sound from the built in output of the motherboard if I switch to it, at least when sound is already working with the “ASIO Fireface USB” driver.

OK, thanks. I’m sure @Ulf will have some ideas about what you might need to do to further troubleshoot this.

I had this issue with a media player running concurrently with Dorico. I’m my case the problem was the routing in RME TotalMix. (I’m using RME Fireface UCX)

Hi @Erik_Natanael , thanks for the data. Contained are also some crash dumps of the audio engine. Tomorrow morning I’ll have a look and analyse them. A little patience please. Thanks

Hi @Erik_Natanael , so I had a look at the crash dumps.
There are 5 from the audio engine and 4 of them actually looks same and they are crashes within the Fireface driver. So this is where I can’t analyse and do anything further, RME people have to take a look. Please unzip the diagnostics, go to the crashes folder, get all but the last dump files and send them to RME.
The last crash is in a library called atio6axx.dll. That is a graphics driver library from AMD and caused already some trouble in the past with other users. Down- or upgrading that library may solve that issue. See also this thread about it.

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If it is about the atio6axx driver have a look at this thread

The cause seems to be a software from AMD named Adrenalin that causes trouble.


Great, will do, thank you for looking at this! I do indeed have an AMD graphics card, I’ll play around with the suggestions in the other threads.

Yes, Adrenalin caused many problems for Dorico and Cubase for me. Uninstalling it and also turning off Hyperthreading in BIOS solved this same problem you are having.

An update: Uninstalling AMD Adrenalin (AMD Software) and instead opting for the AMD Pro driver installation doesn’t by itself seem to solve the problem.

I’ll continue experimenting