No audio driver in the 64-bit vers

Hi. After never ever seeing anything like this, and never having any audio card/driver issues, I can no longer select ANY audio driver in Cubase 5 64-bit, and Cubase 7 64-bit. In the VST audio system, all that is available is “no driver”. Not only do I not have my M-Audio driver there, I don’t have the other two I usually see (Generic Low Latency Driver and ASIO Full Duplex). All are there - including the M-Audio card - in the 32-bit versions.

I have trashed the prefs in both v5 and v7, but that has not helped. Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Here is an ex. - 32 on top, 64 on the bottom. No, they were not both open simul. v7 is the same.

Update drivers/firmware for your interface?

Have the latest driver/fm rev.

Wow. That’s pretty wild, then. It’s like Windows thinks it’s 32-bit Home version.

And this just happened suddenly or when you switched to 64-bit?

I have always used 64-bit; I haven’t just switched to it. I only opened the 32-bit versions to see if the driver was there.

But yes, all of a sudden. 12 hrs ago, everything was fine. Shut down computer, went to bed, woke up, turned computer on, and now this. I almost wish it wasn’t working in the 32-bit version… this way I could better understand WTF is going on.

Going to try a SR.

Thanks for the time.

Ok, a SR did it. Well, that was weird…

Anythin’s possible on a modern computer… [emoji22]