No Audio Driver listed in Device Setup


My 12-yo son uses my old Win7 DAW with a M-Audio FastTrack Ultra audio interface and an M-Audi Oxygen 49 keyboard and I’ve set him up with Cubase LE AI 6 since my CMC controllers all came with a license to this version of the product. This setup worked great for him until recently, when he asked my why he was unable to get any audio. I checked and Device Setup shows “No Driver” as the only option in the menu.

I checked and the Fast Track Ultra works just fine, driver installed. When I boot standalone instruments, they find the Fast Track Ultra and everything works perfectly.

Usually, when Cubase is confused, I just delete the user data folder… so I did that and it still says No Driver. Since this problem appears to be isolated to Cubase only, I’m writing here to get some help so my boy can write some music.


Did eventually get this working?

Sadly, no.