No audio file after recording

Hello. I opened up a new Cubase project and designated a new folder to save to. I recorded from my macbook pro’s built in input onto a new track to transfer vinyl over to my computer. I let the whole side of a record play, and stopped Cubase.

When I set the cursor at the start of the project and pressed play, nothing plays back. The audio file in waveform is on the track, and had just been recorded 10 seconds ago. It won’t play back the file at all. And the file that is in the “Audio” folder of my project folder is empty, reading “Zero Kb”.

I tried soloing the track, made sure all my outputs were correct, and even dropped other audio files into the project and they play correctly. Why won’t Cubase save the audio file? It’s in the correct folder, and shows up on the track, but isn’t playing at all.

Is monitor on that track enabled? Was the audio event inadverdantly muted? How does the file look on your Harddrive? If the file size displays correctly there, you may have to import the file into your project. Just remember to activate musical mode even if the tempo of the project and event match.

I enabled and disabled monitoring. The event was not muted. The file size is 0 kb in the folder.

Yikes! That’s no good! Is it possible to re-record this easily? I’m guessing it won’t play properly in any other application either? I might try re- importing it just in case.

So you have a visual waveform displayed for the recorded audio? In that case there must be a corresponding wave file somewhere - but maybe not where you expect it? Maybe try a file search and see what that comes up with… Strange anyway that Cubase shows a wave and doesn’t play it. Is your output for this track correctly configured?

This wav file you are seeing could be the result of some pre-recording option selected in your preferences. Where it records some before you hit the button. I’m still hoping you have the correct file in good shape somewhere on your hd.

Yeah the wave file was in the folder, but it was empty. I ended up just ripping the album again and everything worked. I don’t know, maybe it was just a fluke. But all the settings were exactly the same as when I had done it the first time and all the files were there. Hopefully it just won’t happen again.

I had the same problem during a live recording of a concert. The first half of the gig just wasn’t recorded (as you said waveform displaying but all files had a size of 0kb). Tried everything, even disk recovery, but the files just weren’t written by Cubase. I only experienced this once.