No Audio from ADAT reaching Cubase

Hello everyone,

I have a Scarlett 2nd Gen interface (for tracking drums) hooked up to my primary Clarett USB interface via ADAT.

Signal is coming into the Scarlett from my Roland Integra-7.

You can see signal in the Scarlett VU’s and hear audio through the Scarlett headphone jacks but no signal reaches Cubase through the Clarett ADAT.

All ADAT inputs are recognized by Cubase 10 Pro in my Audio Connections tab.

When record enabled there’s just no audio signal reaching the track… so sad :frowning:

Trouble shot same problem in:
Pro Tools - no issues
Studio One Pro - no issues
Powertracks Pro - no issues.

Has Cubase issued a workaround yet anyone?

It would probably be good if you could post exactly how you routed signals. It looks a bit unclear to me. Take screen shots of all involved software and post it here.

Will do and thanks.