No Audio from BFD Eco

Hi - I’ve just installed BFD eco - it all looks ok but I can’t get any sound from it - either as a standalone or through essentials 5. I can see it in the vst folder - i can load it into a track - i can even see the meter bouncing so that I know there is an input signal, but i cannot hear it! Can someone give me an idiots step by step guide to all the connections, inputs/outputs so that i can make it work? Many thanks

Well, if you say you’re not hearing it in Standalone mode either, then it surely is a problem with BFD, not with Cubase.
Are you sure you have a Kit loaded in it?

Thanks for the reply, you are of course quite right, it was a problem with BFD and not Cubase. None of the kits were loaded properly nor was any of the audio loaded in BFD either! The helpdesk at BFD have helped me through this and now all works fine. Thanks for prompting me that it was obviously a BFD and not Cubase problem.