No audio going through from guitar

i bought a steinberg UR12 for my guitar so i can use a virtual amp or something similar. CubaseAI came with it so i decided to try it but for some reason the steinberg doesn’t send sound to applications even though i’ve ran the installation disk and have it properly set up. I check the input on my computer (pc) and it shows that it’s detecting sound through it but for some reason it doesn’t go through to cubase or any virtual amp app. On a different app I tried using desktop sound as my source but it said the steinberg has a different frequency since it’s lower or higher than my headphones (4800hz). i’ve tried everthing but nothing works.

Let’s take things one after the other…

  1. What do you have, both in the Studio>Studio setup>Audio system panel and in the Studio>Audio connections one ? Post screenshots of both, if possible. You should have a Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO as ASIO driver and, at least, an input bus corresponding to the hardware connection you are using on your UR12 unit in your Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs panel. If not, something is wrong in your setup.
  2. Check, in the Project>project Setup window, that the Sample rate setting matches the one used by the UR12.
  3. be sure that you have an audio track functional, with the relevent hardware source (an input bus defined in your Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs panel) selected in the Input Routing drop down list of the track inspector.
  4. Check also that the Record Enable button is active.
  5. In the Edit>Preferences>VST window panel, choose preferably the Tapemachine Style for the Auto monitoring setting.