no audio in cubase 5?

Hi guys. Im running cubase 5 in 64 bit, there is no audio playing at the moment. I have checked the sound card settings in devices and everything is normal.There is no display on the stereo out channel yet all the track chanel lights are moving. I have checked a diffrfent song and that is playing fine.

Im running minimum plug ins, only omnisphere and standard cubase stuff. The processor looks fine. Ive tried muting each track one by one and still no joy.

I have also tried disconnecting the soundcard and re-connecting it again. restarting pc and cubase ect.

Any ideas??
Many thanks

Make sure you check all your channels’ output routing. Make sure they all are routed to have L/R stereo as their final output. Also check your stereo output for any insert effects that may be muted or attenuated down.

Do you use outputs throught the Control Room? What about meters (on Track, on Stereo Out Track, on the Transport Panel? How they looks?