No Audio In from New Mixer (Tascam Model 16)

I just got a new Tascam Model 16 Mixer to use with my Mac (Mojave). The Mac recognizes it, so does Cubase. I can play audio out with it just fine, and I see in my Mac Audio Preferences that I get a signal in from the mixer, I just can’t get it in Cubase. I’ve set the Audio Connections in Cubase to the right channels (Stereo In from Model 16 1 & 2)…no sound from instruments coming into Cubase. In the past the solution to this problem has always been to open the Audio Midi Setup of the Mac and raise the volume sliders for the appropriate channels , but they are greyed out there. I can’t find any information if the Tascam 16 supports volume control in Mac, but if not, that should not be an obstacle to getting the audio into Cubase. Does anyone else work with this mixer or see something obvious that I am overlooking? I’m thankful for any tips or clues.:slight_smile:

I don’t have a modern Mac currently, but isn’t there a permission to accept for audio input?

Do you mean in Cubase? I’m getting audio in the Mac from the mixer, just not in Cubase.

I see… have you set up your Studio>Audio Connections inputs yet?

Yes, Stereo In Bus from Tascam.

That’s all I got. Obviously you’ve raised the input gain on the Tascam…

Well, I need input in Cubase. Thanks, anyhow!

um… are you using an ASIO driver?

From what I’ve read “ASIO isn’t available on macOS, but this is because Mac systems use an API called Core Audio which makes the services that ASIO provides pointless since Core Audio doesn’t have the drags of Window’s DirectSound.” I’ve seen that there are options in Studio Setup/VST System Link to activate ASIO Input and Output, but I’ve never paid attention to it and never had this problem with other mixers or sound cards.

I don’t know what you’re quoting. You need the ASIO driver for your device for it to work with Cubase. That’s the problem.

VST System link is entirely unrelated.

What other interfaces have you used?

But in any case, if Cubase sees the inputs and you can route them in Cubase, that means Cubase is connected to it.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded the driver that goes with the mix board (it’s called Settings Panel Module). From what I’ve watched in Tascam instructional videos, there should be an option in Device Setup to choose “Model 16 ASIO” under the option for Model 16 (the Tascam mixer). It’s not there in my setup window, so maybe I am missing an extra driver? What do I need to look for then? The Tascam manual has nothing about an extra ASIO driver.

You tagged the post with Cubase 11, but you seem to be talking about an earlier version (Device Setup is now Studio Setup)

Maybe post images of what you see.

It’s Studio Setup, I was not at the computer since its 1:30 AM here. Here’s the window.

All the instructional videos say it should have a “VST Audio System” option in the list, but mine just has “Audio System”. Anyway, gotta crash, but thanks a lot, any tips on how to acquire the missing ASIO driver I’d be most thankful for. I see it DOES say ASIO Driver, which IS set to Model 16.

And here’s the “Audio Connections” Window. I’ve tried setting it to various Model 16 channels where I have active instruments.

Everything looks as it should.

Thanks again Steve, I finally found the problem after endless hours of googling. It’s a totally illogical Easter egg hidden in Macs. I found this on another forum thread: “Anyways, if you are not getting input to Cubase from any soundcards on a Mac (but output is fine), go into mac preferences, under security and under microphone and allow Cubase access to it. Seriously… Two hours and the end of my patience and found that solution on a security webpage.” I don’t even use a microphone on the Mac. My nerves are shot, but all’s well that ends well.