No Audio In New Cubase 7.5 Projects

After upgrading to Cubase 7.5 from 7.0, I have no audio playback when any new project or certain old projects are opened, even though my audio card is recognized in Device Manager and the inputs/outputs are activated. On certain old projects there is no meter activity on the audio tracks, only on the midi tracks, but still no audio at all.

I am able to get audio playback by closing the new project or old project and opening a specific old project that Cubase seems to like (note: not all older projects restore audio functionality. Just this particular file). Once the old song has loaded, I can then close the old song and open a new project or old project with audio functioning properly. After that, everything works fine. This is a frustrating process.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Have you checked your monitor selection setup in the control room? It sometimes goes to speaker 2 on some projects so if you don’t have two sets of speakers attached you won’t get any sound, that caught me a few times

Just for fun - On the project that has no sound, assign channels 1 & 2 on your audio interface as inputs and see what happens.

I also have several projects that don’t play if they’re the first project I open. If I open another project first, then they play. Seems like the Interface doesn’t like to initialize properly if channels 1 & 2 are not assigned. The project i’m currently experiencing this issue on is using channels 4 & 5 as inputs and 11 & 12 as the output bus. Always wondered if it had anything to do with my Echo Audiofire 12 drivers.