No audio input from ANY soundcard on Mac

Putting this here because a client did an install on his mac and turned off access to the microphone so he couldn’t be tracked…

Anyways, if you are not getting input to Cubase from any soundcards on a Mac (but output is fine), go into mac preferences, under security and under microphone and allow Cubase access to it.

Seriously… Two hours and the end of my patience and found that solution on a security webpage.

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Posted a gazillion times here already, and outlined in the Steinberg knowledgebase in a dedicated article…
And just like you, all those other people with that problem will not do a search before posting the same thing again…

In fairness, it should not be necessary to hunt through forums or knowledgebases just to get sound out of an audio app. Steinberg and/or Apple should be displaying a warning message to let you know what is happening and how to fix it. Something that basic shouldn’t be on the user to figure out. Imagine if you had to do a forum search just to learn how to get the cursor to follow your mouse.

In fairness, if you used Google and did a search for:
no audio input cubase macos
You would get your answer in the first search result.

That just proves the point that it’s such a widespread problem that there’s no excuse for releasing software with that flaw. Whether the OP could have found the answer without asking here is beside the point.

I think cubase should be able to detect that it does not have have the privilege and pop up a dialog what the user needs to do to fix this.

Thanks a million! I struggled with this trying EVERYTHING including 2 different USB audio interfaces.