No audio input signal

Hi Forum,
I could record audio just two days ago but now I’m not seeing any signal on the arrange window or transport bar. Audio is appearing via the mic into an external mixer but not going into Cubase. It is version 5 which I have but I thought maybe someone who has 6 might have had the same problem. I couldn’t get midi to work, but eventually managed to. It seems after that I couldn’t get audio. Could that be connected in some way? The Asio looks okay, and record buttons are enabled. Anyone know what might be causing this?

Regards, Barry.

In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO driver? In Devices, VST Connections, Inputs, what are you Device Ports are you inputs connected to?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your reply. The ASIO is SB Audigy ASIO [9800] and Device ports are - L Stereo in to Analog Mix L - 1, R to Analog Mix R -2, Mono in to Analog Mix L - 1, Mono in 2 to Analog Mix R - 2. After phoning the helpline in Germany I have upgraded the system to 5.5.3, but no difference to the missing audio.
Regards, Barry.

You have the wrong ASIO driver selected.

Whether or not the ASIO driver is the wrong one depends on which soundcard you’re using. :unamused:
Does your mixer have USB and is that your soundcard, or are you running a lead from the mixer output to your PC soundcard inputs. If the latter, it looks like you have the right soundcard selected. If the former, you don’t.

Thanks Strophoid and NWP - I have an external mixer with a cable that runs to the soundcard on the pc. There’s no setting that prevents recording is there? My old VST used to switch to CD instead of mic - is there anything like this on version 5?

We don’t officially support generic sound cards without a dedicated asio driver. That said, I’d suggest using the free driver from as that tends to work the best.

I thought SB Audigy soundcards had an ASIO driver?
You can still try ASIO4All though.

Hi forum,
Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I thought you’d like to know - a computer engineer came round and identified that the fault was not with cubase but the computer. He ran a test and found no sound was going into the pc, but when checked with another computer it was fine. He’s going to install a new motherboard. To check if sound is coming into the pc, on mine it’s Start - Programs - Audio Video - Sound Recorder - Sound Recorder. I didn’t know about this and thought it must be a cubase problem. Regards, Barry.

Ok, I hope you get it sorted quickly :slight_smile:.