No Audio Input when starting a Steinberg program under macOS 10.14 or later for the first time

Hello everyone. I have been a Cubase user for over 20 years. I did a OS update to Mojave on my Mac and also did a Cubase update to Cubase Pro 10.5. I know I should have done and checked each one before subsequent updates but I never had an issue before so…Anyway for some reason I now have no audio input. I click the speaker icon, the input monitor button and no audio from the UR44 into Cubase. I do have audio out. I checked with Abelton Live and in Stand alone Abelton live I have audio in and out so it is not a UR44 issue. I updated the UR 44 software. I checked everything I know to check.I went back and opened a Cubase 10 project and I have the same problem which leads me to believe it is a Mac Mojave issue. Any thought??

What do you see in Audio Connections>Inputs?

I see the UR 44. Thanks for your reply. I need to install the Cubase update. I’ll check back. Weird…

SOLVED Yes is was the stupid microphone dialog box that I clicked no because my mac does not have a microphone. Doing so. in Apples wisdom, also disabled my ability to record on my UR44 inputs… i knew it was something f’n stupid. Thanks everyone.

Thanks svennilenni

I did the same thing. :joy::joy: Was very sure of myself from previous installs and environments, but this time I missed ticking those boxes and so my audio in was dead but I could direct monitor on my hardware. Was a baffling 5 minutes until I dug into the audio connections dialogue. Lesson learned.

Thanks for posting the link, svennilenni

You are welcome.