No audio no playback

Hi @Jay_Zotik,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with the exact steps to reproduce this problem, to allow our engineers to comment on it.

Please double check: Can you think of any specific steps that led to the issue (e.g. connecting hardware, phones etc.)?

Please check the following steps:

  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down the iPad

Does this help to resolve the problem?


No it did not solve the problem

Hi Jay!
I have the same problem. Have you solved it?

Hi @Roy_M,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Up front, please check that the iPad device plays any kind of audio.

Starting Cubasis the very first time, a popup asking your permission to use the microphone appears, which has to be accepted.

If you tapped “no” by accident, please change the setting manually as follws:

  • Please go to the iPad settings
  • There please go to Privacy / Microphone
  • Please make sure to enable Microphone use with Cubasis.

Once done, please launch Cubasis, go to “Projects/Demos” and load the “Smear” demo project via double tap.

Does the project plays back with sound when being started?

Best wishes,